Sprogcast on Baby Loss

Sprogcast is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in pregnancy, birth, or infant care.  It’s hosted by Karen Hall @MotherworldlyUK and Mark Harris of @Birthing4Blokes; sponsored by Pinter and Martin.

Karen and I had a long chat about Coping With Pregnancy Loss – why I wrote it, and what were the key issues I thought were important for supporting healthcare workers to provide better care during and after loss.

Prior to my segment you can hear Mel of Finley’s Footprints speaking movingly and eloquently about her experiences of losing her son during labour.

I found it interesting to note some of the shared and different experiences Mel and I had of our losses.

Have a listen, and why not search back through the Sprogcast archive? There’s loads to learn there!

Babyloss is the topic of episode 42 of Sprogcast (October 2018).

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